Up to $40,000 available
Applications accepted all year round
Decisions made within 8 working days

The Rapid Response Facility provides funding for conservation emergencies in UNESCO natural World Heritage sites.

Applications to the RRF must meet each of our criteria in order to qualify for funding. Please carefully read all the information available below.

RRF criteria:

1. The site must be located in an eligible country:
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2. The site must be a listed UNESCO natural World Heritage site (or an internationally recognised site of high biodiversity value):
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3. Applications must address a sudden emergency situation:
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4. Applications must be from an eligible organisation:
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Past projects:

The RRF has funded a diverse range of projects in the past, including:

For a full list check out our Grants Summary.


  • Requests for funding are only accepted through submission of the official RRF application form to the RRF email address (
  • All applicants must include contact details of two independent referees
  • Applications from NGOs or private sector organisations must include a letter of support from the relevant site management authority as part of their application
  • Applications are accepted year round, there are no deadlines

Application forms can be downloaded and submitted in either:

If you are uncertain whether you are eligible to apply or whether your proposal meets the RRF criteria, please contact the Secretariat ( for advice.