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2014-11-12 - Emergency funding ‘critical for the wellbeing of World Heritage sites’

As leaders gather for the IUCN World Parks Congress, new RRF report highlights the importance of emergency funding for World Heritage sites in times of crisis.

2014-10-16 - RRF launches an emergency appeal to combat militant elephant poaching in DRC

As poaching in the DRC escalates, the RRF seeks urgent public support to help ranger teams

2014-08-29 - Garamba National Park, Democratic Republic of Congo.

2014-06-27 - RRF launches an emergency appeal to save the Sumatran Elephant

RRF launches emergency appeal to combat Sumatran elephant poaching in Tropical Heritage of Sumatra.

2014-04-01 - Malpelo Fauna and Flora Sanctuary, Colombia

Safeguarding the hammerhead sharks and marine wildlife of Colombia’s blue waters