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About the RRF

The Rapid Response Facility (RRF) is a small grants programme that provides emergency funding of up to US $30,000 to address severe and time sensitive threats to endangered biodiversity, primarily within UNESCO natural World Heritage sites. To fulfil this emergency response role, the RRF operates quickly, flexibly and in real time.

The inability to respond to emergencies or catastrophic events as soon as they arise can lead to devastating results for biodiversity and ecosystems. By enabling relevant stakeholders to address such emergencies within just days or weeks, the RRF invests in the long-term survival of unique natural sites and their biodiversity.

To ensure effective responses to conservation emergencies, the RRF aims to:
• Make funding decisions within an average eight working days from receipt of applications;
• Mobilize funds quickly to respond to emergency situations in natural World Heritage sites, and occasionally in other sites of high biodiversity value;
• Provide bridging funds for sites where longer-term funding is being sought – thus helping to help ensure sustainability of RRF interventions; and
• Catalyse innovative financing initiatives as part of long-term support for sites.

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