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RRF grants are designed to support urgent conservation interventions at the point where priority sites and acute, time specific threats to biodiversity meet. The RRF seeks to support conservation activities where rapid access to up to US$ 30,000 will make a significant contribution to reduction of the biodiversity threat.

Highlights of RRF operations to date include:

- 34 grants (32 small grants and two interim grants) awarded in 19 developing or transitional countries and one UK Overseas Territory. Small grants awarded have a total value of US $806,517.95;
- Decisions on RRF grant applications have been made, on average, within 6.07 working days from the date of submission;
- Emergency conservation activities have been supported in 28 iconic natural World Heritage sites covering a total area of 27,277,091 hectares;
- 19 local NGOs, agencies or collaborative networks and 9 international NGOs have led implementation of RRF grants.
- A diverse range of positive conservation impacts have been achieved with RRF support, including:

  • Reconstruction of essential conservation infrastructure post conflict or natural disaster;
  • Enhanced or restored ranger patrol capacity;
  • Successful campaigning against illegal infrastructure development;
  • Stakeholder conflict mediation;
  • Disaster and threat impact assessment; and
  • Implementation of essential management activities, such as fire control, during critical funding vacuums.

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